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Transformation Through Training

In 2017 I launched a transformative training experience call, "The Shift".  This unique training invites participants to experience the world of the visually impaired in a way that helps individuals overcome fears, learn to trust their instincts, and improve problem solving and creative thinking.  The Shift is a fully immersive and unique training experience that blends first hand experience, the latest understandings in neuroscience, and 8 years of coaching experience to create a transformative environment. 

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Skills For Working With The Blind

If you have a business or are working for an agency that serves the public it is likely that you or your team members will have to interacted with blind and visually impaired individuals.  It is not uncommon for people be to be uncomfortable and uncertain how to interact with blind individuals.  This can create in the best cases awkward interactions for all involved and at worst dangerous situations for the blind individual.  

With the right training your team will be able to interact with the blind members of your community in ways that are fulfilling and keep patrons coming back for more.  

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Build Your Coaching Skills

Looking to add to your coaching and therapy toolkit?  I offer practitioner and master practitioner level trainings in NLP, (H)NLP, and hypnosis.  I also offer classes in presentation skills and brain based coaching.  

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