Jess Marion

Legally Blind Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author, and Athlete 

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Jess Marion is a legally blind motivational speaker, NLP trainier, coach, and athlete who pulls from her life experiences to create transformative experiences for her audiences and clients.

About Jess 

Jess is a highly experienced and legally blind trainer, author, coach, advocate, and athlete.  Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Jess now lives in New York City.  Jess has never let her physical eyesight stop her from realizing her vision for a brighter future. 

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Inspirational Speaking 

Jess's inspirational talks focus on leadership, eliminating "can't" from our lives, and breaking through limitations.  She also offers educational and advocacy programs. 

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Training With Jess

Jess views training as an opportunity for people to transform their thinking and lives.  This transformation comes through experiences designed to evoke emotions and new thought patterns; the insights that come from new information; and the learning how to help others change.  

Along with her flagship course, "The Shift" Jess also offers trainings in how to best serve the blind community, coaching, NLP, and hypnotherapy.  

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Transformational Coaching With Jess

Jess is a seasoned coach and hypnotist with over 8 years of professional experience.  She helps her clients to let go of old habits, break through limitations, and begin living a more fulfilling life.  

Jess is a leader in the world of coaching with 10 books to her credit and multiple conference presentations annually.  

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Move Beyond Limitations And Live An Extraordinary Life

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""I really enjoyed class with Jess... Jess is able to teach in way that is easy to learn. I am really grateful to Jess for sharing her knowledge." "

Nestor Gill

""Jess is a powerful change worker... She is always providing new information and getting me to think about what's next.""

Wendy Pierson


You can contact me at [email protected]


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